Questions on creating menu

Can I reorder menu items once I’ve created them?

Hey Jim! Welcome to the forum!

You can reorder menu items, but it is a little buggy at the moment. Give this a shot:

  • put together some menu items in a list.
  • click on the names of several of the menu items to switch them to edit mode.
  • in the text area to the far left, put in sequence numbers- start at the top and put in 1,2,3 etc.
  • save the menu items in the same fashion (using the little save icon)
  • the menu items should be in the new order.
  • submit a bug if it doesn’t work as expected. :blush:

The plan is to make those draggable, you will be able to drag to reorder them, but as of now we just have the infrastructure to support it done.

Thanks for helping out!