Cancelled order item still showing in list on new order

UX issue, bug-like, but nothing functionally broken. Steps:

  1. start an order by adding a beer
  2. cancel my order
  3. start a new order by adding a different beer
  4. add to my order by including the Soup of the Day
  5. looking at my order now, ready to hit the buy button, and I see:
    • the correct items in my order queue
    • the correct total cost
    • BUT I also see the original beer from my original order, which I’d cancelled (bottom Pilsner)

So the order itself is right, but the old cancelled item is lingering in the list of items - sure to cause confusion, even though the transaction itself looks to be correct.

Seems like the cancelled item is still considered part of this ‘new’ order - can we have that dumped out entirely once cancelled, or can we have the new order otherwise start fresh, distinct from the previous cancelled order?