Walkthrough - The Simulator and Device Drawer

To learn about the Simulator and the device settings, let’s look at the entire screen:

The Left Drawer
This is for navigation, let’s focus on the right drawer.

The Right Drawer
This is opened with the arrow in the lower right corner of the screen ( image) and closed with the same arrow. This drawer contains the simulator as well as the link to the device preview.

  • Simulator - Click “Tap to Play” to see your app experience rendered in the browser on a ‘virtual’ device. This is helpful for trying out your app and seeing how it will look on an actual device (in this case, an iPhone X). You can navigate around the app experience, and even make purchases (which don’t actually purchase anything :slight_smile: ). The only thing that may act differently is the location services and the biometrics (thumbprints and facial scanning), otherwise it is a pretty good representation of the experience.

  • Device - This is the fun part, although it is a little more complicated than the simulator. This is where you will see the app experience you’ve built on your own device. For this to work, we will walk you through the installation of a few apps; TestFlight, YesDemo, and finally your own app experience, all of which are available by using your iPhone camera to scan the QR code on the Device drawer that looks like this one:

    • TestFlight is the first app that will be installed. It is a special app provided by Apple that is designed for users to “beta test” (i.e. “try out”) an app without having to go through a full Apple App store review. This is perfect for our situation. By scanning the QR code with your camera, you will be taken to the app store to install TestFlight, go ahead and do this. Note - you can delete TestFlight when you are confident that your app is just how you like it, or keep it if you choose to build another brand in the future… it doesn’t take up much space.

    • YesOMS Demo is the second app that will be installed. Once it’s installed, the TestFlight app should try to download the YesOMS Demo app, but if doesn’t work or you have any trouble, just scan the QR code again and it should find YesOMS demo for download and install. Once you are done with this step, you are ready to review your own app experience as many times as you would like.

    • Your App Experience is the final step and it runs ‘within’ the YesOMS Demo app. Whereas the previous two steps only will be done once, you can do this step as many times as you like.
      At this stage, you won’t launch your app experience from the iPhone home screen, but by using your iPhone camera to scan your QR code once more. You will see a few popups on your phone, all of which you can accept:

…then you will be greeted by the YesOMS logo and on to your own app experience. You can use the location services on your device, as well as your thumbprint or facial scan. You can make ‘purchases’ (which still won’t be charged) and experience your app as your customers will.

If you want to start the experience over from the beginning, you will need to manually force close the YesOMS Demo app. Learn how to force close an app here.

Congratulations! You’ve complete the setup to see your app experience on your device. Now you can tweak it to your heart’s desire!