READ ME FIRST: Welcome to YesOMS!

Hello everyone!

Taylor here - I am the founder of YesOMS, the place where merchants can build their own branded mobile apps! Why did I create YesOMS? Because I believe that every single merchant deserves the sort of 'pay-in-advance, skip-the-line, don’t-futz-with-credit cards sort of service that the big brands offer, but without the required budget for a dedicated mobile software development team.

I think the best way to understand what we are doing is for you to build your own branded mobile app - RIGHT NOW.

That’s right, head on over to where you can set up your own mobile app, AT NO COST, right now!

If you have any trouble, come on back to this forum at for answers in our “Support” thread. Submit bug reports in our “Bug Reports” thread, or make your case for features in “Feature Requests.” You can also just share ideas and suggestions for other merchants in our “Merchant Forum” thread.

There are a ton of resources available on this forum, we look forward to your contributions as well!


-Taylor and the YesOMS crew.

This is SO COOL!

I’m a coffee shop owner in Iowa, and this is the exact sort of thing I’ve been wanting to do! I’m going to go build my app right now, and I will let you know how it goes!

Thanks for doing this, and for helping out merchants!